Saturday, January 4, 2014

December re-cap!

December sure seemed to fly by!

My coworker Diane finally retired after 19 years of working at U of M. Her last day was December  20th. We worked together for 10 years so I wanted to give her something special for a retirement gift. I know she loves to read and will have lots of time for reading now so bought a few books, bookmarks, a book light and some chocolates. Went to the Salvation Army and got  a really cute red basket with bells on it and a Christmas decoration at the dollar store and put it all together.

This was the end result. Yeah, that's Marlo Thomas looking back at you! Her book is called Growing Up Laughing and it looked pretty good! Anyway, she really liked it and kept it on her desk so everyone could see it when they walked by.

On a side note, I really enjoyed making that basket and from now on, anyone who gets a gift from me is going to get some kind of a basket!

She didn't really want a party but they did have a little get together so people could come stop in and say bye to her. They just served coffee and desserts. Cookies, brownies, various pastries and fruit!

Here we are in our messy, crazy office! I hope she has a long, happy, health retirement!

Now I have a new co-worker who has lots to learn yet! The last few weeks at work have been pretty exhausting!

Today is Rich's birthday. We probably won't do anything special but I do have to get to the grocery store to get the ingredients for his favorite dinner. And we are supposed to be getting 6-12 inches of snow starting tonight. Gah! Sick of winter already and it's only January 4th. It's going to be a long year!

Anyway, more December recap coming.

Until then.....


Sally said...

Happy Birthday, Rich!! :)

That's a very nice gift, and I agree on baskets. They are so fun to put together! Eons ago, I decorated baskets for a hobby and then would put gifts in. I'm not creative in this elder age. LOL

So, I guess that means you have to train a new person. Blech....

So nice to see your pic. You're a doll!


Brenda said...

Happy Birthday to Rich!

I love baskets and especially love it when they come with goodies inside them. That was a beautiful thoughtful gift.

Try to stay warm up there!! They are forecasting a little snow for us tomorrow eve, but I sure hope they're wrong.

Judy said...

You need to get a pot of Paper Whites or an Amaryllis to put on your desk--under those lovely lights. Then you'd have something alive and colorful to get you through January and February. GAH--I truly hate February. Yes--you are a cutie!!!

Grandma K said...

Really cute basket. If her retirement is anything like mine - it will take her a while to finish all those books. It's amazing now busy you can become when you retire!

Good luck with your new co-worker, and ESPECIALLY with the snow. That is a foreign world for us down here.

Hope the birthday dinner was fabulous.