Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day Off

I took the day off today to go to my brothers office. I got my teeth cleaned and a crown started. I know I've said before how great it is to have a brother for a dentist. It never costs me any money to have my teeth worked on.  Luckily I have dental insurance so he's not working on my teeth for free. Even though he would. He has before when I didn't have insurance. Just charged me for the cost of  materials.

This has been the longest winter ever I think! I'm so glad it's almost the end of February. All the snow we've had and the frigid temperatures have taken their toll on our roads. It's kind of like this:

LOL! This may be funny but it's pretty true! You either have to drive half on the shoulder, half in oncoming traffic, or hope it's in the middle of the road and you can straddle them!

We're going to be seeing lots of orange barrels this summer!!!

Shauna and Brad are going to be signing the contract to book the venue for the wedding. Then the date will be official May 30, 2015 and we can start planning! I am so looking forward to it! 

I have been trying to work some overtime. I worked last Saturday for a few hours. This normally very busy hallway looked like this:

Like a ghost town! That first door on the left is the entrance to the pathology department. I wish it could be like that all of the time! No one around...no line in the cafeteria....easy parking. But I guess if it was I wouldn't have a job! 

We plan on finally putting a floor in the upstairs hallway this weekend. We ripped up the carpeting a few years ago because it was worn and gross looking and we've never replaced it. It's just been the plywood sub floor. No one ever goes up there except for us and the cats so we've never been in a hurry to do anything with it. Last weekend we finally went to the hardware store and ended up getting whats called Vinyl plank flooring  It looks like wood but it actually strips of vinyl that lock together.  It's supposed to be really durable and I think it will look nice. Of course, there will be before, during and after pictures! 

In a few weeks we are planning a little anniversary trip. We are going to Traverse City for a night and then a night at the Soaring Eagle in Mt. Pleasant. We went there last year but neither one of us felt very good and we didn't enjoy it very  much. This year hopefully will be different. Plus I plan on meeting up with a old friend that lives up there.

That's all for now. In April I'm going to be doing the A to Z challenge, where I'll post every day from the 1st to the 26th using one letter from the alphabet per day! I've already got most of the posts planned!

Until the next time....


Sally said...

I remember about last year when you both were not feeling good. So, hopefully this trip will be great. Happy Anniversary!

Listen up, girl! You've been planning that wedding for months. LOL But, I know what you mean, the next planning will be REAL! I know it's going to be wonderful.

Potholes? My dad used to say if there was one, I'd hit it. He wasn't wrong, I still do it.

I know you guys are sick of winter. Hopefully, soon it will be in the past and spring will have sprung.


Judy said...

My sister used that flooring in her new family--she wanted it to look like the original, wide plank wood floors in the rest of the house. It even has knot holes in it, LOL. Have a great anniversary!!!

Donna said...

SO much to plan for with the wedding!
Nothing like working in total Peace and Quiet!
You're a better blogger than I am lately...!!

Donna said...

Dental costs are pretty high! Part of the reason for my keeping an emergency fund is for dental work. I have more crowns, bridges, and root canals than you can shake a stick at. Every year it seems like there is something else that has to be fixed. I have dental insurance, but it only pays 50% on the big ticket items.

You should love that new flooring. It will be easy to clean and look great!

Grandma K said...

You are, indeed, lucky to have a brother who is a dentist!

I am curious about your floor. I need something in my hallway that seems to be the favorite place in the world for animals to do the worst things!

Now the excitment for the wedding really begin!

Carolyn Brown said...

Hi, I am just touching base to introduce myself as one of Jeremy's Angels for the A-Z Challenge. Happy Anniversary and look forward to reading your A-Z posts next month.