Friday, March 14, 2014

Floor and More

 Happy Friday night! I have the next 5 days off of work so it's a especially happy Friday!

The floor is 99.9% finished  and it looks 1000% better.

Here's some before and after shots for you:





The pictures don't really do it justice but you can get the idea of just how much better it looks now. We've been living with that sub floor for a way too long!.

We spent all of a Saturday, some of Sunday laying the floor, and then Rich spent the majority of last Saturday doing the trim. I have to say he did a fantastic job of it!  There is no end to the things that guy can do! So talented!!

We  he just has one more trim piece to put by the bathroom but it has to be different than the rest of the trim because of a height difference. 

Now do figure out what to do with these.


Last Sunday we all got together to celebrate my Dad's 82nd birthday. 

We're a big group!

And we're missing my niece Gina and Shauna's fiance, Brad! It's always a good time when we're all together and food is involved!!

Well, we're off to Traverse City tomorrow for the night and then a night in Mt. Pleasant at the Soaring Eagle, where I hope to meet up with an old friend. 

Tuesday is our 37th wedding anniversary!

Until the next time!



Sally said...

Your floors are beautiful! I know you guys are so glad to have most of the work done.

Such a lovely family gathering for your dad's birthday. I really miss those times, but we are in new times now, and those are wonderful too.

Hope you and Rich enjoy your time away and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both. Take lots of pics!

Much love from me to you, buddy!

Donna said...

Oh Jeanette! Love the flooring!!
And those stairs? I've seen lots of cool ideas on Pinterest...
Happy 37th! It'll be 42 for Larry and I this year...a lifetime.
Enjoy the trip!

Judy said...

Happy Anniversary--hope you win a bit at Soaring Eagle (I love that place) and lots of casinos around Traverse City. Floor looks wonderful.

Donna said...

The floor looks great! You might want to do some searching on Pinterest for ideas of stairway renovations. And happy anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful celebration.

Grandma K said...

Beautiful floor. Congratulations on your anniversary!