Friday, April 4, 2014


D is for Dishwashing

We raised our kids in a small three bedroom ranch house. For the 21 years that we lived there I had a dishwasher only about the first 3 years. It was one of those that you rolled up to the sink and connected. One day when I needed it the most, it blew up on me! So that was that. We never replaced it, and I never had a dishwasher again until we moved into our current house.

Washing dishes by hand, however, was one chore that I never mind doing.

Something about having my hands in that hot, soapy water soothes me.

I don't even mind drying them and putting them away.

One of the things I do mind, though, is emptying the dishwasher when it's done.
It is one of my least favorite chores!


So this sight always makes me happy!


Sally said...

The first dishwasher I had was my dad; he washed, I dried. :)

My mom had one of those "roll up to the sink" kinds for a while when we were younger.

Now, here we are and no dishwasher, but actually like you I enjoy washing by hand; that way I can look through the kitchen window and spy on the neighbors!


Judy said...

I hated washing dishes the most of all my household chores. Always wanted a dishwasher, but EX hubby said "No." Now--I have no hubby, but I do have a dishwasher--fair trade I'd say, LOL.

Bob Sanchez said...

My wife wants to buy a new dishwasher, but I am glad to wash dishes and save the money. There are just two of us, so it's usually a quick and easy job.