Monday, April 14, 2014


L is for Lanyard

  A couple posts ago I told you about jewelry and mentioned that I rarely wear necklaces. However, I wear this around my neck every day that I work.


 This is the lanyard that holds my work ID card. It's required for all employees to wear their ID cards anytime they are working. Besides ID they are also used for opening staff entrances, mail rooms and some bathrooms.  Also for checking in at certain required meetings.

Mine has all my favorite pins on  it. 

Some  award pins, a diversity pin, and American flag  and a red dress for women's heart health. At the bottom of the first picture you can see a flower pin that actually is made from pink ribbons to represent the fight against breast cancer.

Yep, my daily necklace! 


Judy said...


Dee D said...

I wear a lanyard at work, too. I really love the fun way you've decorated yours with so many pins. By the way, I'm following you now... :)

Michelle Stanley said...

It's a good way to keep your keys and other lightweight items close by, especially if you're forgetful.AtoZer

Inger said...

Sometimes English as a second language gets me ~ I don't know what a lanyard is. It doesn't happen very often, it is cool looking your necklace. I will now go and look up that word.

Inger said...

Looked it up and I should have know, sailor that I was for so many years of my life. Thanks for adding a new word to my vocabulary.

Sally said...

I love that!