Tuesday, April 15, 2014


M is for Mugs

I have a lot of them

These two are my favorites.

But there's is plenty of other ones too. All sorts of miscellaneous mugs!

Then in another cupboard are the matching sets.

Those are the mugs that match my dishes and some matching ones for when we have company or the family over for a holiday.


M said...

I love mugs too....but I don't drink coffee...so all the mugs I get as gifts from teaching (oh my gosh the gift of choice for teachers!) sit on my desk and counters in class holding scissors, pens, markers, pencils and misc!
Happy half way!!

jody said...

I like mugs too! Especially with tea or coffee in them! I think we all have a favorite mug or 2! Enjoy your day!

Sally said...

Those are lovely mugs, buddy! I don't have as many as I used to, but my two favorites; one that belonged to my dad, and one that was given to me by Mom.

Have a great day!


Judy said...

I don't drink coffee, but a mug works just as well filled with hot chocolate every morning.

Dee D said...

I think the #1 Mom mug would be my favorite, too.

Paula Kaye said...

I have a cabinet full of mis-matched mugs too. I keep saying I am going to go through it and toss some but I just can't do it.

Kimberly Kay said...

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Saimi said...

I have more mugs than I need most of them go with my dish sets - funny thing is I only have one favorite which I use for hot chocolate, and soup.