Tuesday, April 22, 2014


S is for Signs

On a recent trip up north we saw some interesting signs

Bear Crossing

Didn't see any bears though!

Watch For Amish Buggys

Didn't see any Amish people either.

Did see this Falls last summer, which was gorgeous and worth the 0.6 mile hike into the woods!


Sally said...

Good ones, buddy! Would love to take that hike especially if the "no bears" sign isn't near it. :)

Have a great day!

Judy said...

I didn't know we had Bear X-ings signs in Michigan? Way up in da UP, I assume. Love Miner's Falls, Bond Falls, Munising Falls, any kind of water falls. I like your signs--better than the ones down here--all about exits, and I-96 and I-75 and left turns and all that busy stuff.

Donna said...

Love the signs! Also looks like a nice walk!

Kimberly Kay said...

The bears are cute. I've seen some interesting signs before but the bears are the really cute.

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M said...

Love the signs!
The funniest sign I have seen was in New Zealand...we hiked out to see the largest Kauri tree and then we hiked more...the trail said it was then closed, but we went on. Then we finally came to a point where would could not go any further and the sign read, "Trail Closed" and someone had written below: DUE TO TYRANNASAURUS REX SITING!"
Happy A-Z almost over!

Donna said...

Love the bear crossing sign, LOL.