Wednesday, April 23, 2014


T as in Tea Set

My dad was in the Korean War and on one of his furloughs he spent some time in Japan.

This is the tea set from there he sent home to my grandmother

I love that the cups are white on the outside and black with flowers inside.

On the bottom is Castle China and Occupied Japan

I have loved this tea set since I was a little girl and my grandmother had it displayed in her china cabinet. It's mine now and one day I will give it to Shauna.

To the best of my knowledge it has never actually been used to serve tea!


Sally said...

Gorgeous! Such a treasure you have there, buddy.

Have a good day.

Donna said...

Oh, How Pretty!!!

Judy said...

Things from OCCUPIED Japan are rarer than hen's teeth. The china is gorgeous!!! Untidy? Nope--looks like a nice comfortable home to me.

jody said...

Wonderful family treasure with memories to enjoy! Enjoy your weekend!