Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Month of June--What Is Going On Anyway?

Well, we certainly won't be sad to see the month of June end this year.  We lost three people this month alone. 

First was my brother-in-law, Tom, on the 1st

My dad's girlfriend of 10+ years, Peggy,  passed away on the 19th and then my ex-sister in law's  mother, Tillie, died on the 20th.  Sheesh!

Went to the funeral home last night for Tillie, and then I took the day off of work today and went to Peggy's memorial service. It was very nice and I hope that's the end of that stuff for a good, long time!

In other, happier news,

We met some friends for dinner last weekend in downtown Plymouth and we were laughing at this sign posted on the street. No Parking after 3:19 am. Now that's pretty specific!

I took a few days off last week to have some time for myself and to take care of some business. Plus I needed to get annual check up and mammogram done, too.

Took a selfie in my beautiful gown while I was waiting for the technician to come and get me.

Everything is fine for another year!

On Friday I met my friend Karen for breakfast. This year we are celebrating 50 years of friendship. We were 7 years old when she moved in across the street from me in the summer of 1964!

She gave me this beautiful card and cute little brass clock that signifies all the time that has gone by since we met! I got her nothing....because she is so much better at those kind of things than I I bought her breakfast!  

Anyway, she and her husband have a condo in Harbor Springs so we probably will go up there for  few nights later this summer and do some shopping and hiking and gambling. 

Then next year we have plans to go to Vegas and meet up with another old friend. We'll see how that works out!

 I also  bought my shoes for Shauna's wedding shower next year and the rehearsal dinner. 

They are cute, comfortable and were on sale for super cheap so I couldn't resist!  

Now I just have to match the dress to the shoes!

And finally, this Saturday Me, Shauna, SIL Linda and Brad's mom Sandy are going wedding dress shopping! Can't wait for that!!!

Until next time.....


Karen said...

Sorry for all of your losses. I can join you - at least a little - our great neighbor of over 35 years died Sunday.

At least you have something great to look forward to this weekend.

Oh - and great shoes. I wish I could wear something like those again.

Judy said...

2012 was my funeral year. There were a dozen people die that I knew and I attended 10 funerals...including Fred's and my BFF that I had known for 68 years. So glad you still have a friend that you've known forever--those are the bestest friendships!!!

Dee D said...

Oh no, I can see why you want June to be over. Hopefully, the rest of the summer... that is, the rest of the year will go a lot better. Take care... :)

Sally Crowe said...

Sad news, for sure. I hope your dad is holding up okay.

Now, why aren't you smilin' in that pretty little dressing gown? It's good to see a pic of you though; you are so pretty, buddy. And, also glad your tests were A-OK!

Like those shoes too.

Wedding dress shopping; now, that is exciting! I hope Shauna finds something that she's always dreamed about.