Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Duck Saga and Yes to the Dress!

Remember a few posts ago I told you about the duck that was sitting on the nest right outside the entrance
to the hospital where I work? It was there for about 3 weeks and Thursday when I left work, there was several security guards and a person from pest control outside the building.

Seems that the babies had hatched! Now, the closest body of water to the hospital is the Huron River. In order to get her babies to it the momma would have to cross two busy streets and a rail road track. I thought maybe they would just follow momma and babies and stop the traffic so they could cross safely, but the plan was to put the babies in a box, capture the momma and bring them all safely down to the river.

When I got out there, they had already put the babies in a box and they were trying to catch the momma. She was having none of that!

She was spitting mad, too! See her right by the box on the right? She was strutting around squawking and every time they tried to catch her with a net or a blanket, she would fly a few feet away.  Then she would always come back to where they had her babies in the box!

I watched for about 15 minutes and then I had to leave. One of my coworkers was out there  30 minutes after I left and they were still trying to catch her! I was worried about her all night!

On Friday when I got to work there was a sign by the empty nest.

It's hard to read but it says "Mother duck and all chicks are down at the Huron River and doing fine. Thanks for carefully watching her"  Whew! One less thing to worry about!

In other news...Shauna bought a wedding dress yesterday! It's gorgeous, too and she knew the minute she put it on that it was the one.  I can't post pictures of her in it but here's a little hint...

The buttons that go down the back go all the way down to the end of the train!

Eeek! We're so excited!!

Until the next time.


Ann Thompson said...

That poor mama duck must have been in a total tizzy. Glad they caught her and were able to relocate them to the river. Nice that someone left a note letting people know how things ended up.
I'm imagining that the dress is pretty amazing looking.

Donna B. McNicol said...

Love hearing about the ducks! Oh and the dress does sound gorgeous.

Sally Crowe said...

Oh, so glad they finally got the mother and they're all safe!

Wow - she found the dress. I KNEW she would, or at least hoped she would. How exciting; less than a year now and we'll all get to see her in that beautiful gown. You will have pics for us, right? :)


Judy said...

Eeek! is right. So exciting to see your girl in her wedding dress--I loved being able to go shopping with them for that special dress. Glad Momma and ducklings are well!

Donna said...

Awww! Can't wait to see the dress and SO glad momma and babies made it!!

Grandma K said...

Glad momma duk and babies are ok! I am glad there are animal caring about.

Isn't it amazing how the bride (and those with her) know "the" dress as soon as it is put on! Can't wait to see the whole thing.

Sally Crowe said...

Tap tap, this thing on?

We need an update, buddy. :)


Donna said...

Good news on the ducks AND the dress!