Saturday, July 12, 2014

OK Sally--Here You Go!

Darn, this summer sure is flying by!

The weather has been PERFECT so far! Warm days, cool nights and low humidity! Where oh where can I find this kind of weather all the time!!!

We haven't done much but I do have some pictures  I can share.

Rich and I went to the dairy queen last holiday weekend and walked around the neighborhood behind it.

Love the flower box all along the side of this deck.

Someone lost their kitty! Boo! I hope they find it!

Spray paint the lawn for 4th of July!

I'm loving all the baby bunnies we are seeing all over right now. They are so cute!!! I want to hold them but they run away when I get close!

Our little tree in front of our house is in bloom.

I have no idea what kind of tree it is. It's rather cool looking, though!

I bought a bracelet from Amazon that was too small so I arranged to return it. I left the package in the door for UPS to pick up and apparently someone stole it because it's gone! UPS doesn't have it and Amazon doesn't have it! I personally think the mail person took it but they won't even talk to me at the post office!

It was only an $8 bracelet but lesson learned....from  now on anything I mail order I will have delivered to me at work!

That's all for now...

Two more weeks until our vacation!!!

Until the next time!


Sally Crowe said...

Thank you! :)

I'm trying to think of the name for the tree. It's pretty though.

The little bunnies! I've never seen one in this yard, but if Hopper Henry does; he'll "bark it away".

Well, that stinks about the bracelet. I'd hate to think the mail person took it, but that reminds me of the video I saw recently (you probably saw it) where a postal worker threw a package on a driveway and it was caught on the homeowner's security camera. Sometimes, buddy, I wonder "has it always been this way"? I don't think so though. I remember back when we always knew our postman, the one here drives so fast down our street you can't even wave.

I know you're excited about vacation, and hope it's a great one!


Judy said...

I so enjoyed those pix of your walk-about. I hate that we have such dishonest people in our world, nowadays. It would be nice to go back to a gentler times, PLUS, we'd all be so much younger, LOL

Donna said...

Love all the photos girl! Especially the fun idea of spray painting the design on the lawn!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Beautiful pictures!
It's so sad when someone lost their pet... I hope they find it soon!

Dee D said...

I like all of your summer pictures. The baby bunny is so adorable. I love Dairy Queen, too. When I go, I always get the Oreo cookies blizzard... yum.

Donna said...

Marty approves of the little rabbits, LOL! And boo, hiss to the mean person who stole your package.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

That was a fun walk about your neighborhood. I always like seeing where other bloggers live. Hope you're having a wonderful vacation. :-)
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