Saturday, August 9, 2014

Vacation Day 3 Part 1 Porcupine Mountains

After spending a night in Ironwood we headed out in the morning to the Porcupine Mountains. It was less than 50 miles from Ironwood so compared to how much we already drove, it was a short ride!

It's pretty hilly in the UP and was getting even more hilly as we got closer.

Getting close to our destination and we reached Lake Superior.

And drove along it for a while:

Until we saw this!

Finally, after living all of my life in Michigan getting to see this area was so exciting!

Made a quick stop in the visitors center to get a map and to make sure we knew where we were going and then headed to the see the Lake of the Clouds!

 Next time: Lake of the Clouds


Anonymous said...
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Inger said...

Looks like a nice drive.

Judy said...

I am loving this traveloge of yours!!! Reminding me of the fun we had and all the beauty we saw when we made the trip in 1966.

Sally said...

I'm really enjoying this vacation! So glad you're sharing with us. :)


Donna said...

It's wonderful that you are seeing these grand places!

Grandma K said...

I am really enjoying my virtual vacation to the UP. I doubt I will ever get that way again to do a trip like this.

Dee D said...

It's fun hearing about your vacation. You and hubby have been visiting so many beautiful places. You've been giving me some wonderful ideas for next summer... :)