Monday, August 11, 2014

Vacation Day 3 Part 2 Lake of the Clouds

So our first destination in the Porcupine Mountains was Lake of the Clouds.

The sign from the parking area pointing the way.

The paved path to the viewing area.

Cliff warning!

Yes was pretty high up there!

But look at this view! I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves for a moment!


You can kind of see why Native Americans named these the Porcupine Mountains, because they looked like crouching porcupines!

We climbed up these rocks to get a even better view.

Which it was!

You can't see it in the above picture but the girl in the yellow shirt was building a house of cards and her friend was taking pictures of it with the lake in the background! I have no idea why. I should have asked them!!!

 Some hikers taking a rest. Can't think of a better place!

We stayed there for about a hour or so...just hanging out and taking pictures. I was reluctant to leave because it will be a long time, if ever, that we get back to this place again! But we had waterfalls  to see so eventually we made our way back to the car and took off.

Coming up: Presque Isle River


Grandma K said...

Once again - so pretty!

Judy said...

I know I own't see it ever again, so thanks for letting me ride along with you. My kids just loved this place.

Sally said...

Oh man, you guys saw some real beauty! I love these pics, and I wouldn't have been resting, I'd have been unconscious. :)

Sorry to be late, been kind of hectic but better late than never, right buddy? :)

Donna said...

Just Wow!!!
What a gorgeous place to see!

Donna said...

Spectacular! What an incredible view!