Sunday, March 8, 2015


Wow! It's been almost two months since I put a post on here. I guess I need to do some catching up!

It's been a long and very cold winter but now the temps are finally warming up, the snow is starting to melt, the sun is out more and more and the wedding is less than 3 months away!

 Here's some random things that have been going on.

My great nephew Gabriel turned 1 year old. His mom doesn't give him a lot of sweets so when he got a taste of his birthday cake he pretty much just planted his face into it!

My niece had to keep wiping cake out of his nose so he could breath! Guess he liked it!

I have a stand-up monitor stand at work now. The whole thing goes up and down and now I can either work standing up or sitting down. It's been great and I wish I would have had it years ago!

Another great nephew, Francis was baptized. Here is a picture of my dad and all his great grandsons!

Dominic holding Gabriel, Dante next to my dad holding Francis and Anthony on the other end!

It's hard to take a picture with crying , wiggling kids!

I stressed a lot about Shauna's bridal shower, which is April 12th.  It's being hosted by my daughter-in-law Marissa, who is the matron of honor, and Shauna's friends Sandy and Abby who are bridesmaids. I got everyone together including Shauna and Sandy, Brad's mom. and we had a planning session. Everyone has a particular job and it should all come together pretty good! 

The wedding planning is also coming along good. Brad and Shauna are taking care of most of the details, I'm just giving advice and helping when I can! It's going to be very nice!

Until the next time.....


Sally said...


Is this you?

The real you? :)

Those little boys; how sweet with your dad. His look kind of says "WHAT?" Very nice.

I can't believe it's March already, and yep before you turn around good, there's gonna be a wedding. How wonderful!

It would have been nice to have that "stand up" stand when I was sitting on my arse for over 40 years. No wonder my butt is flatter than a pancake. I'm happy for you though, that has to help a lot.

Hope you have a great week, and so glad the weather is better for you guys.


Judy said...

You are going to have a fun springtime!!!

Dee said...

I love that cute picture of Gabriel with his face in the cake and the picture of your dad with the grandkids.

I'm glad you're back. Have a great week... :)

Inger said...

I love the way he attacked the cake! Good luck with the wedding planning.