Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Wedding Part III: Stormy Weather

Saturday dawned party cloudy warm and slightly humid.

We woke up fairly early and started to get things together to bring to the venue before our hair and make up appointments.

Shauna made me a surprise Mother of the Bride Survival Kit.

It had water, a small bottle of wine, Pepto Bismol, Aleve, kleenex, hand sanitizer, munchies, mints, lotion and some chocolate bars.

Then it was time to leave to take everything to the venue. We hauled all the flowers, several boxes of vases and another big box of decorations there so it would all be ready to go when we got back. The venue was a golf club and they were having a golf outing that day, so we would not be able to start decorating until 4:00.

As we were driving from there to the salon the storm clouds were moving in, and the air was getting more and more sticky! Crap!

In the three hours we were getting our hair and make up done it stormed and rained the whole time. Guess the ceremony was not going to be outside after all!

While that was  happening, Rich and Brad were checking into hotel rooms not too far away from the golf club. We reserved them to have somewhere to wait before we could go to the venue and to not have to worry about driving home afterwards. Also Rich's sister Judy was in from South Carolina and her and her kids had rooms booked there for the night.

So we hung out in the rooms, Shauna on one end of the hotel in our room and Brad on the other end in the suite that they got. I hated the make up job that they gave me so I had to take a lot of it off and kind of re-do it. Luckily I had my make up with me and was able to fix it! I guess that the make up girl did not realize that when you cake foundation on an old lady it just enhances all those wrinkles! Yuck! I looked awful!! But I was able to fix it!

Then I got dressed and put on my jewelry.

All the jewelry that I wore, with the exception of my own wedding rings, belong to my mom! The rhinestone earrings and bracelet and her wedding band. It was my way of having her there with us.

She would have been so happy and excited for Shauna!

Next: The Wedding Part IV; Setting Up The Venue


Sally said...

How sweet of Shauna to think of you in that way
with the gift box. Hopefully, you didn't need
all of it. :)

Thinking of your mom in that way; well, yes she
would have been so happy but as you said she was
there. Teary eyed, but how lovely of you. xoxo

Sally said...

Not sure if my comment made it; blogger messing up this morning.

I got all teary eyed when you spoke of your mom. Of course, she
was there with you all through every moment. She was so blessed
to have such a loving daughter, buddy. I know you miss her so.

Had to laugh about your makeup; that's exactly what I would have
done! :)


Donna said...

Sorry about all the yucky weather!!
Loved the Mom of the Bride survival kit!Hahaa