Friday, June 12, 2015

The Wedding Part IV: The Venue and Decorating

The wedding was booked at a golf club called the Links of Novi. Its a beautiful place and it was perfect for this wedding. Not too big with a maximum capacity of 150 people. Windows all around the room overlooking the golf course, a pond and willow trees.

On the day of the wedding they had a golf event scheduled in the morning. We were assured that everything would be done and we could get in there and start setting up at 4:00. The ceremony was scheduled for 6:00.

Due to the lovely storms that we had earlier and the continued rain off and on all day, the golf event was delayed, so when we arrived at 4:00 there was still people in the banquet room and they were still handing out awards!

The centerpieces for the tables we planned were 5 small vases with one or two flowers in each and some votive candles.

So in a room across the hall from the banquet room we set up the vases, filled them with water and the cut flowers and got them ready to go. Finally the awards ceremony was done, the golfers left and they put the linens on the tables so we could begin to set up the centerpieces.

We also had to decorate the cake table. This is a picture of it after the ceremony with Shauna's bouquet that she made from silk flowers and brooches! Small but very pretty and she can keep it forever!

 This was the table with the escort cards. They were little cardboard chairs with a Hershey's hug and a kiss inside with a sign saying "A hug and a kiss from the new Mr. and Mrs. Please take your seat" One for each guest; the female guests with a mint ribbon and grey for the men!

We also decorated the head table with a mint green table runner, vases of flowers and candles. I'll show you a picture in the next post!

Last we put the favors at each place setting.

 It's an Italian tradition in my family called bombineers. We used small green and white bags with 5 candy coated almonds inside and tied with string. Each almond means health, wealth, happiness, children and longevity! We've had them at family weddings as long as I can remember!

We were running around like crazy people but we managed to get mostly ready. I had one brief Momzilla moment when we were trying to get 90 some odd vases into the room and people (mostly the men!) were just standing around getting in the way. Not that we needed their help but we did need them to get out of the way! So I had to yell at them! I think they forgave me, though!

Then we couldn't find the boutonniere for Brad and we were running around looking for that. It was found in some random box!

Finally we got Shauna into her dress and her jewelry on and were taking a few pictures just as people started arriving!

Next thing we knew it was time for the ceremony!  And the rain kept pouring down!

Next time: The Wedding Part V: The Ceremony and Reception


Sally said...

Oh my goodness, everything looks so beautiful. You all
did such an amazing job! I love the mint green, and the
flowers on each table. So pretty. :)


Grandma K said...

You had such a short time to get things decorated, and the result was beautiful! Wow you are a wonder-woman!

Dee said...

You all did an wonderful job setting up, especially with a limited amount of time. Everything looks absolutely beautiful... bravo... :)