Sunday, September 20, 2015

Whale Watching and A Rock

So we left Bar Harbor and our next destination was Plymouth, Massachusetts.

My plan was to go whale watching, something I've been wanting to do for a long time!

Anyway, before we got to Plymouth, we had a the worst drive of our trip.

Our route was supposed to take us around Boston, but due to some construction, we got detoured through Boston, which only served to confirm my thought that I would never want to live in a big city!

Over this bridge

And then through this long tunnel

The traffic was horrible and like every where else, people drove like idiots, with no patience for out-of towners that barely knew what lane to be in!

By the time we reached out hotel in Plymouth Rich was fit to be tied!

After we rested a while we drove into the town proper to have dinner.

The next day we went whale watching!

 While we were riding out to the area to watch for whales I was talking to a lady who was from the local area. As soon as I told her we were from Michigan she said, "Oh, I love Dr. Pol"! She was pretty impressed when we told her we drove by his clinic a few years ago!

They drive an hour to get to the spot where they feed the whales and then hang around for a couple hours waiting to see them. We saw probably 6 whales and it was so exciting every time one showed up! Some times you could only see the water from their blow holes! It was a blast!

Pointing it out just in case you missed it!

After we got off the boat, we were just a few blocks from Plymouth Rock so we went over to see it. It's in a protected area.

That is the actual rock that they pilgrims landed by, in the original spot. However, the rock is only about 1/4 of the original size. It used to be as large as the closed off area it's in now. It was moved around a lot and people were taking pieces of it for various reasons and souvenirs.

There was a guide we were talking to who told us a bunch of history on the rock which  I pretty much forgot the minute he was done talking! Hey, just like my history lessons in school!!!

Then we were on our way to our next adventure!

Coming up: Connecticut and another National Park


Inger said...

Boston is not a great city as far as traffic goes. Great whale pictures. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Sally said...

Except for the awful traffic, WOW, how exciting to see the whales! I'm so glad you were able to do that, and take such great pics. I can only imagine being the driver and no wonder Rich was fit to be tied. I remember the trip my uncle & I went on to Nashville to visit his daughter and family. I was driving, and he kept telling me I had to get over about six lanes of traffic. It was horrible. When we finally got there, his son in law looked at me and told Pat, I think Sally needs a drink. Holy cow, the way people drive. I don't even like going into Jacksonville using the interstate!

I'm so happy that you guys had such an awesome trip, and that you're sharing with us. Looking forward to the next "leg". :)


Judy said...

Oh Hon, you should have visited Boston BEFORE they erected that tunnel-the Big Dig. Narrow streets with too much traffic. Best to park and take the "T" wherever you need to go. Bostonians are very rude--yes they are. I have always been scared to go on a boat to see whales--although I have always wanted to. Fear of water keeps me firmly planted on the ground.

Love the Rock! It's been in the enclosure since before 1968. Yes, people kept standing on it and taking chips out of it.

I wish you had drive on a bit to Sturbridge Village. Great place. Like Greenfield Village only back in pilgrim days.

Dee said...

What a fabulous vacation... whale watching? That is very cool.

I can't believe Plymouth Rock is that small now. It's crazy that so many people took chunks of it throughout the years... :)

Hugs... :)

Grandma K said...

Oh how I wish I had your luck whale watching!! Love it.