Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Connecticut and Cuyahoga Valley National Park

After we left Plymouth we headed to Uncasville, CT so we could pay a visit to the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Casinos. We rarely take a vacation without a stop at at least one casino.

The hotel we stayed at had a wonderful window seat in the room that I could have sat in for hours. I need a window seat in my next house!

Anyway, Mohegan Sun was a beautiful casino. We only took a few pictures.

Foxwoods was huge and had this pretty cool sand sculpture.

Unfortunately we didn't get our vacation paid for if you know what I mean!

The next day we headed toward home again and spent one more night in Youngstown Ohio. They had a wonderful swimming pool that we decided to take a dip in. There was no one else there so we just floated around and relaxed for a few hours.

In the morning we left and headed to our next and final destination, Cuyohoga Valley National Park.

I wanted to visit a waterfall! And it was very pretty.

And we say practically the only wildlife (other than whales) we saw on the whole trip! If you look close behind the tree on the left there is a deer looking back at you!

Then in less than 2 hours we were home!

It was a wonderful vacation and although we did a lot of driving, it was worth every mile of it!

Next big vacation on my radar is Tennessee in the fall of 2016!

Until the next time!


Sally said...

Love the window seat. I want one also, but seeing as how I'm living with offspring; I ain't getting one. :)

Beautiful waterfall, and yes I saw that deer!

Speaking of casino's, Britt and I thought we'd hit it pretty big on 4 scratch off lottery tickets; we were SO sure she sent me back in the store twice, and NO NO NO! Kind of disappointed but we had a good laugh which both of us needed.

I can't wait until 2016 when we go to Tennessee; no wait, you are but I know you'll take along with you in pics which I appreciate. :)


Donna said...

My uncle was "blood brother" to the original group (Chief) of Indians that built Foxwoods...They grew up as kids together.
I've been to both casinos but like Foxwoods best...

Grandma K said...

Sorry you didn't get your vacation "paid for." I usually just make the casino very happy.

Enjoyed your trip

Judy said...

There was a MciroTel in Wisconsin where Fred and I always stayed when we visited his Mother.
It too had a window seat, just like that one, and a neat little kitchen. We always stayed in the same room and started calling it our "up north cottage."
I LOVED that window seat, never sat on anything else while we were there.

Judy said...

What happened to my comment? Now I can't remember what I wrote. :-(