Saturday, October 3, 2015

Belle Isle

Belle Isle is an island on the Detroit River. In its heyday it was the place to go for day outings in the summer. There was an aquarium, a zoo, a conservatory, a beautiful fountain and lots of picnic areas along the Detroit River.

Unfortunately, after decades of mismanagement and neglect by the Detroit City Council and other crooked politicians it fell into ruin. The aquarium closed and people stopped going there. It became just another crime ridden place to avoid in Detroit. 

Finally after years of negotating with the ridiculous city council the state finally took it over and it became a state park. 

Rich and I decided it was time to pay a visit so on a warm Sunday afternoon we took a drive out there. 

It was packed with people exploring and having picnics  

The aquarium was open. 

The conservatory was beautiful. 

And the fountain was also beautiful. 

There are still some neglected areas but for the most part it's a very nice place and I'm glad we took the time to go. 


Dee said...

It's all so beautiful. What a wonderful vacation you're having... :)

Sally said...

How wonderful! Such a beautiful place, buddy. So glad it was taken over as a state park; it's always just terrible for decline of places we've always had great memories of.

Love the pictures!


Judy said...

I have never been there! Would love to go now--that it is safer and nicer.