Sunday, December 13, 2015

Stuff At Dad's

Well, I have decided after the disappointing sale at my dads house earlier that I will be bringing all the stuff to my house to try to sell at the Spring sale my subdivision always has. It's going to be a lot of work, but there is some good, sellable stuff that it would be a shame to just donate.

Plus I want to get the extra money for my dad!

He has a lot of old stuff and I thought I would show you some of it.

Like this old set of suitcases.

I'm pretty sure they were given to my parents for a wedding gift in 1954. They have my mothers initials on them. We used them all my life whenever we traveled.

 One of them even has stickers on them from places we've been.

My grandparents owned a bar in Detroit for years. I have lots of good memories of going there and twirling on the bar stools and drinking glasses and glasses of coke!

This is the adding machine they use to add up peoples tabs! I think it got a lot of use!

This old projector that we spent many, many hours watching home movies with !

And my grandmothers old corner china cabinet. I can remember standing in my tiptoes trying to reach the key that sticks out of the door!

Shauna is going to take that when my dad moves. It think it has a lot of potential!

My family is big on keeping stuff in the family so we have lots of family heirlooms! I hope our kids appreciate them as much as we do!

Until the next time.....


Sally said...

I think it's great that Shauna wants the china cabinet; she'll treasure it I'm sure. Wow those items should sell really well to someone who likes antiques. When is your dad moving?


Judy said...

Samsonite luggage! Lasts forever. Maybe your Mom got hers as a graduation gift, like I did with my initials on them.

Paula Kaye said...

What wonderful old things. I think it is a shame that people don't appreciate things for what used to be. I had an old typewriter that was in a wooden case. It was a wonderful old relic. I only got $50 for it when I sold it. I am sure it was worth much more but I needed the money at the time. Good luck with selling your wonderful items.

Donna said...

Neither of my kids want my old junk...can you imagine??? Sigh...

Inger said...

I remember the days when you proudly put stickers on your luggage. Those are all nice pieces that you should be able to sell. I have given everything of Errol's away. I just don't have the energy to sell. But I still have a lot of stuff that was here when we got the place, like scrap metal and other things. We'll see when summer comes.