Saturday, March 5, 2016

Jade Plant In The House

Remember a few weeks back I showed you the jade plant at work and that I broke a small piece off to root? Well it grew roots and a couple new leaves even started to sprout. 

So this morning planted it into a little two inch pot to see if it will continue to grow. 

See the two little tiny leaves on top? 

It's so cute!!

Wish me luck!

Until the next time. 


Sally said...

It will. That's awesome. Really. I used to do things like that
but Hunter has me busy trying to get her business started. LOL

Always happy to see you, buddy.

Judy said...

Of course it will grow and flourish!!
They are easy to care for too.

Paula Kaye said...

Good luck. I haven't had luck in the past with a jade plant. I either over or underwater!!

Donna said...

Can't keep a good jade down! Love those things yet I don't own one!

Inger said...

I think it will work and grow big.

Coffee Lady said...

Jade plants always grow for me and they get really big. Only thing, the snails and slugs love them.

Ann Thompson said...

I've always been pretty bad with plants. Years ago however, I did have several. One that I had the most luck with was a jade plant. It lived for quite a while until one day I discovered that my daughter who was only 2 or 3 at the time had plucked every single leaf off of it