Friday, March 18, 2016

Misc Stuff

Lately my job has been very stressful. We  are understaffed right now and very busy every day. Normally being busy makes the day go by pretty fast but I am burnt out and so my days are filled with one irritation after another!! Grrr!!

Speaking of stress we have black appliances in our kitchen. Although they look beautiful when they are clean keeping them clean is a challenge, especially with all these cats. Their fur all over everything stresses me out but especially when it's on the black stove! So we decided to put a cover on it when were not using it. 

It's actually a piece of the cabinet panel we had left over from when we had our kitchen done so it kind of matches and it has made all the difference! Now it stays clean and cat fur free!

I found out last week that I have been working for a few months with a girl who happens to be a distant cousin! All the time I worked with her I never really knew her last name and one day I just happened to noticed her name tag. She is divorced and took her maiden name back and it's a very distinctive Italian last name. When I told her that that name is a family name on my fathers side we started putting two and two together.  Turns out her great grandfather and my great grandmother were siblings! Small world! 

Today is our 39th anniversary (and a special persons birthday, too) We both took the day off and boy was it needed! We slept in and lazed around for a while then went to breakfast. After breakfast we went to the casino and left with a little bit more money than we got there with. 

It was beautiful out so I took nice long walk then later we went to dinner. It was a nice day and nice to be off!

That's all for now. Spring is right around the corner! Woot!

Until the next time. 


Paula Kaye said...

Happy Anniversary! It is hard to work when one is burned out. I am glad to be retired although it was not my choice to do so this early! I like how you fixed the stove problem!

Sally said...

I had no idea cats went on the stove, although I had a friend whose cat got on her kitchen table. Great idea y'all had there.

Glad y'all had a nice day off; I can hardly imagine how nice that was. Was it Rich's birthday yesterday? Hope the rest of the weekend is good, and that work will be better next week! Love ya!!

Coffee Lady said...

That is really cool about finding a distant relative. I hope your work days ease up on you.

Grandma K said...

Wanted to post earlier, but with all my gigs used on the satellite...

Loved your idea about covering the stove. I have often thought of doing that just to have more of a work surface!

Judy said...

Another good reason for me to keep my white appliances! ;-)
Sorry it's been so hectic at work, good for you taking the day off!