Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happy Spring ( I think)

It snowed like crazy yesterday and today we have a dusting on the grass and trees. Plus its cold!! 

Why are we finally getting winter in April!

I noticed that there are a lot of adult coloring books in the stores these days.  

I used to lock myself in the bathroom with a coloring book and crayons when my kids were young. It was a great destressor at the time. A few years ago I bought a coloring book and crayons to try it again. It didn't work so well that time. I don't think coloring is my thing anymore!

Easter was at my dad's house this year. One last family event there before the house is gone. Closing is April 8th and he moves within 30 days. 

Marissa dug up my moms irises and day lillies to replant at her and Chris's house. 

Trying to keep as much stuff in the family as possible!

Its bittersweet! 

Until the next time. 


Inger said...

That must be so sad, but I hope your dad is doing OK. Coloring is becoming popular. I guess people may be needed a change from their devices.

Paula Kaye said...

I love coloring!! But I use pencils instead of crayons. I'll bet it is bittersweet to sell the house. I am glad you got to gather one last time. Digging up the flowers is a great idea!!

Sally said...

I'm so glad Marissa took home some flowers that were originated by your mom. She'll always treasure them. Easter must have been bittersweet in some ways; I'm glad though you were all able to be together with your dad.

Never one to color, but wow is that hobby coming on strong; who woulda thought? :)


Grandma K said...

Hope you get the snow gone soon!!!! \

I am sure Easter was rather bitter sweet.

Donna said...

I know the move is SOOO distressing for you...((((HUG))))
Wish I were there to hug you in person...