Friday, April 15, 2016

What's Up!

Well, after having winter in April we finally have some beautiful weather! Sunny and reasonably warm. Perfect weather for me to have a few days off of work!

Yesterday I ran a few errands and just kind of putzed around.  Went in search of some plain t-shirts to wear for every day. I didn't want anything fancy and no writing on them. Do you think I could find them? I looked in several stores with no luck and then I remembered buying a t-shirt in Hobby Lobby several years ago that I still had and liked. So I went there and sure enough, they had a ton! I bought three of them and it only cost me $8.48! Score!

We got a new water fountain at work that's pretty cool.

It fills water bottles. All you have to do is hold the bottle underneath the spout and it automatically comes on! Plus it lets you know how many bottles it's saved. When I first used it it was at 17 but I'm sure that number is much higher now! Anyway, it's the little things, you know!

Then there was this guy on the bus.

Yep! Creepy! He kept rolling his eyes all over the place! This is what I call a secret squirrel picture. He of course had no idea I was taking it. Luckily he got off at the next stop. One of the many joys of riding the city bus!

My dad closed on his house so it's officially sold! He's going to be moving to a senior citizen apartment complex called Newburgh Vill@ge. He got the keys to his apartment yesterday and today I am meeting him over there to help him unpack some stuff.  Then next weekend we are moving him out of his house! The new place is 3.5 miles from me. I feel better knowing he's closer in case I need to get to him fast for any reason. I've heard they have lots of activities so he can stay busy and won't be so lonely.

I'll leave you with a picture of my girls.

Hanging out upstairs in the bedroom together! They get picked on by the boys whenever they come downstairs! Brothers! What can you do?

Until the next time.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

LOL I see things like that all the time riding the bus here in Germany :)

Sally said...

Glad you have some time off work! I hope your dad will be happy in his new place, and know you'll feel better having him closer. I was going to tell you that Michaels (if you have one) has great deals on t-shirts.

Enjoy your dad with your dad. :)


Grandma K said...

So glad your weather is moderating. Things in Texas are still unseasonably cool most of the time. When the heat does finally hit - we will melt!

I love that water fountain. There should be so many more like that one. I always use a refillable bottle, but the hubs seem to HAVE to have new one each time. Drives me crazy since we have several refillable ones he could use.

Love your kitties - they are so cute.

Donna said...

I Love time off!Hehee
Glad your Dad will be so close! SO handy...
Wish we had one of those, here at work...nifty.
Love the kitties...Enjoy the weekend girlie!

Paula Kaye said...

That guy is creepy. I keep forgetting that I have a camera on my phone. I need to capture more pictures like these. Always good for blog posts. Happy your dad will be close. And I love the water fountain. How cool!!

wenn said...

You hv two cute cats! Glad that yr dad is gonna be busy with life. Good for both of you.

Agnes cfl said...

I guess the guy on the bus is exercising his eyes, but look a bit weird.