Saturday, April 26, 2008

Time to Get Busy

Today I had a very productive morning with my friend Marie. First we went to breakfast. Then over to Home Depot where I bought this:

That paint is for the master bathroom, the half bath and three ceilings.
Now I just have to get started. Looking forward to painting behind two toilets!!

I also inquired about replacing the master bath vanity top and sinks. Just the tops (what are they called?? counters just doesn't sound right) The oak vanity is in good shape and I am not about to replace something that doesn't need it. Unfortunately, they don't just do counters/tops/whatever. Not cost productive or something. Anyway, I just have to measure it and then order it. The one I picked out is really nice. The sink and counter all one piece, but the sink is white so they look separate.
Now I have to talk Rich into doing it!

We also made appointments at a local spa for massages, facials and manicures. We plan on having that in two weeks.

Plus we went to a local meat market where I bought ground round, cube stakes, and chicken breasts. I am not happy with the meat that I get at the grocery store so I thought I would give this place a try.

On the way home from dropping Marie off I saw a sign that a local church had their clothing bank open. I just happened to have a few bags of old clothes in my trunk so I stopped and gave them to them.

Then I was going to wash my car but just as I pulled up into the entrance the chain snapped and so they had to close. I'm glad it snapped before I got my car in there!

Oh well. Time to get busy!

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