Friday, April 25, 2008

Cats and Bargin Hunting

For the past few days we have had to isolate our cat Zoe because she has been spraying a little. She gets easily bothered by the other cats and won't tolerate their paying attention to her at all. Most of the time she will just growl or hiss or take a swipe at them but occasionally one of them (mostly Max) decides to chase her and she screams like a banshee and flys through the house. She has a tendency to spray or urinate when she is under duress. Anyway, we can't have her doing that all over the house so we fixed up the spare room for her. Cleaned it up and put in a litter box, a few comfy places to sleep, food and water and some toys. We closed her in it on Monday night, let her out to eat her canned food on Tuesday morning and closed her in again during the day when we were both at work. She seemed a lot calmer yesterday so we did the same last night and today. She doesn't really like to be closed up but it helps give her a respite from the other cats. We plan on doing this for a few days and see how well she does if we let her stay out again. I hope this helps her because getting rid of her is not an option. We love her too much.

TWO DAY LATER: Zoe has been doing really well. She seems a lot calmer. Today we left her out during the day with the other cats to see how she does. If she sprays at all we will lock her up again, for a longer time this time.

It's Friday at last/already. The weeks seem to go so slow but Friday is here before you know it. I have big plans on starting on painting the bathrooms this weekend. We'll see how it goes.

I am starting to notice garage sale signs popping up more now. Tis the season. Last year I didn't go too much garage saleing but this year I am going to look for beads to make stuff with. I am really starting to get into making jewelry with wire and beads. I love it and want to get good at it. I have a lot to learn and a lot of practicing to do because I am awkward and not really very good. But it's fun and I find it relaxing. Plus it's good hobby to have cuz I can make Christmas gifts and stuff.

I was reading on another blog about a giant flea marked that is held every Friday in Ohio. I would love to go to it some time. It's 4 hours away and with the price of gas these days..well we hesitate to drive that far. This gas gouging bullshit really pisses me off because I love taking road trips! Maybe if we give up groceries for a week we can afford the gas to go!!

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