Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Gone

Well, this weekend sure flew by fast! On Friday when I got home from work, these were in the mail!

Woo hoo! We'll be world travelers now!

That evening we went to dinner with the usual gang. My SIL and I wanted to walk through the huge consignment shop right next door to the restaurant, but they were closed by the time we got done eating. Darn!

Saturday I went out looking for decorations for our newly redone rooms. I found this,

which goes perfectly with the colors of the bedspread.

I also bought new light fixtures for the bathroom.

Just simple white globes, but they make all the difference. We put the old ones in the front of the house on Sunday and they were gone in 60 seconds! Good riddance. They were very hard to keep clean and I'm all about simplifying my life these days!

In the afternoon on Saturday we went to a new racetrack that opened a month ago. This was the first time I have ever been to horse racing. My nephew works there in the kitchen so we went for dinner. I bet $5 on a horse in the first race to win, place or show, (which means first,second or third place) and I won $18! But it must have been beginners luck because I lost the next 4 races! I ended up down $2! We had a good time and the food was good. The weather was awesome and it was so nice to sit outside on the patio and watch the races. We will definitely be doing that again.

Sunday just kind of went by. Helped Rich install the new lights in the bathroom. Cleaned the house and went to Home Depot and Wal Mart. Visited Shauna at work for a minute. Went to the grocery store. That's about it. It was hot and getting hotter as the day went by.

But I'm not complaining because winter is right around the corner!

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Brenda said...

I love the wall plaque above the bed, the colors are perfect!

It's been a bit cooler here the past few days and that's a nice change for us.