Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bathroom Work In Progress

Well, we managed to finish most of the bathroom before I went back to work on Monday. We had some issues with the paint. It sat in the garage for too long. The walls had to be primed and then coated twice before it was evenly covered. Anyway, it turned out great!

Before: Please excuse all my crap on the counter. I'm not much for cleaning up before I take a picture!

And after: Still crap on the counter, just a little neater!

The counter top looks wonderful. They did a excellent job installing it. When we were hanging the mirrors on Sunday night, one of us accidentally hit a mirror on the faucet and cracked the corner, so that person had to go to Home Depot and buy another one! I'm not naming names..but let's just say it wasn't me!!

We still have to change the light fixtures and I am seriously considering taking the shower door out and putting up a curtain. That shower door is such a pain in the ass to keep clean, it's old and the glass is a little etched and it never looks completely clean, anyway. What I really would like is to install a curved curtain rod and a nice colorful shower curtain. Actually you can see the shower door in the reflection in the mirror..yeah, it's brass, and ugly so it has to go! More before/after pictures to come!

Tomorrow is Friday!


Karen M said...

Looks great!! Want to come to Texas and redo my house? We have lots of repairs and upgrading that needs doing. Don't think it's happening anytime soon, though. Life is too busy with other junk.

Brenda said...

I love all the mirrors, and the counter, and the color, you did a great job!

Donna said...

Great transformation! We took our shower door off a couple of years ago and replaced it with a shower curtain. It's much easier to maintain!

Stephanie said...

Ooh, love that counter top!

Sally said...

My goodness, it looks beautiful!! Love the counter and the new fixtures. Yeah, I don't blame you about the shower door - I don't EVER want another one. My daughter took hers down a while back, and put the curtain up; looks so much better, nicer and cleaner!!

Have a great week!!

Junebug said...

The vanity looks great. Two sinks. Yea! I think the idea of a curved shower rod would be great. We stayed at a very nice hotel that had one. I don't think I could stand to clean those tracks. Tracks are really hard to keep clean in any shower. Hard water deposits around here.