Sunday, August 28, 2016


Well, it's been a while but a lot has happened so let's do some catching up!

My nephew Joe got married to his beautiful fiance, Michele, a few weeks ago at Island Lake State Park.

It was a rainy day but the worst of it managed to hold off until the ceremony was over and we were all under the shelter.

After the ceremony while we were eating the rain poured down but then it stopped and it was just very humid!

Instead of a cake they had a s'mores bar and cookies!

And later in the evening when the sun was going down the sky over the lake was pretty!

It was a nice wedding and I think they will be very happy!

Up next...exciting news!


Sally said...

That looked like a really lovely wedding! So glad the weather didn't interrupt the nuptials. :)

More news? Okay, I want to know NOW! :)

Always happy to see you here, buddy. xoxo

Judy said...

It all looks beautiful. Was that on August 21st? My grand girl got married that day and it rained and blew. Like you, I say to myself, "I THINK they will be happy." Do any of us ever know for sure?

Paula Kaye said...

I loved the wedding pictures. I especially loved the suspenders all the guys had on. And those beautiful blue dresses of the ladies. The idea of no wedding cake is an interesting one!!