Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Seeing The World In Blue Colored Glasses

We found out last week that Shauna and Brad are expecting a boy!

I thought for sure the baby would be a girl because we already have 5 boys born to the family and we are overdue for a girl, but not this time I guess.

That's fine by me! As soon as she said "a healthy baby boy" all thoughts of a girl flew right out of my head, and my excitement amped up about 100%!

Little boys are so sweet!!

Anyway, I finally allowed myself to do some shopping and last Friday I stopped at Buy Buy Baby (which happens to be right on my way to Shauna's house, how convenient!) and bought this

Teeny little newborn onsie!

I also bought these!

I couldn't help it! Who doesn't love a teeny, tiny pair of shoes?!

It's going to be hard to restrain myself from buying just about everything I see for that little guy!

Coming up...not so exciting news.


Paula Kaye said...

Those little shoes are so adorable. I had a grandson first. And I raised two sons. But when the next two were girls I went crazy buying things for them. So much more fun to shop for little girls. Then one of those girls moved in with me. EEEEEK....boys are so much easier to raise. You will have so much fun with this little guy. And you're right...healthy is what really is important!

Sally said...

So very happy for you all, Nonna! It's so much fun purchasing baby outfits; as much for boys as girls in my opinion! I love the little shoes! You and Rich are going to be such loving grandparents. Happy, Happy for all, and I pray for a healthy baby and mama. :)


Judy said...

Go for it! That's what grandmas are supposed to do! Also, maybe you could throw in a practical gift--like a stroller or changing table?

Karen said...

How exciting!! Happy baby boy.

Ann Thompson said...

OMG, those little shoes are so adorable. I'm beginning to think that neither one of my kids is going to have any of their own.

Sally said...

Hey Buddy - just wanted you to know the link is broken on your latest post about your dad. Didn't know if it was me or your blog. xoxo