Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New 25 Year Old Furniture

We have spent the last 3 weeks cleaning out my dads apartment. As of Friday we are done and the keys have been turned in. It's sad but he only lived there for 4 months so there wasn't much of an attachment to the place. 

After much discussion Rich and I took his bedroom set to replace our old one that we bought when we got married almost 40 years ago. 

We hauled the old set down the stairs and later put it in front of the house. 

After a few hours someone stopped to pick it up. 

That's Rich helping them load it into the truck. They are retired and restore furniture to sell. 

And our wonderful son-in-law Brad helped us get the newer set from the apartment and haul it upstairs. 

Not brand new but nicer than what we had. I love it and am glad we decided to take it! 

Until the next time....


Paula Kaye said...

Both sets are very pretty. Someone was very lucky to get that set on your front lawn

Ann said...

I like the new to you bedroom furniture. Mine is all miss matched pieces. The old headboard that you got rid of is similar to one I had and got rid of because it was just too big and limited where I could put the bed.

Sally said...

I'm sorry to just be seeing this, buddy.

That furniture is gorgeous! I love it, and glad you guys do too.
I'm sure your dad would be happy to know this.


Donna said...

Awww! Love the new set! Looks a little bit like the one my Mom had...

Judy said...

It's sad when we come to the end of another chapter in our book of life.
I often wonder, when it's my kids turn, what they will keep and what they will donate to the Salvation Army. It's nice furniture you kept and I'm sure your Dad would be glad you are using it.

Inger said...

Your new bedroom looks lovely.