Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Not much going on lately so let me just post some random stuff here.

The weather remains humid even though the temps are a little lower. I hate the humidity and so does my hair!

Friday I took the day off of work to go to a GYN appointment, get a mammogram and have this plumbers truck parked in my driveway for two hours. Guess which one was the most painful?

Shauna is doing good. Getting a little belly now, too. We booked her baby shower for Dec 11th. Yesterday we ordered the invitations.

OK this post is boring so I'll spare you any more...

Work this week and then on vacation next week!

Heading South this time.!

I'll have plenty to talk about then!


Sally said...

I've been thinking about Shauna!
Does she have any cravings yet? :)
When is she due? You know I have
memory lapse's.

Vacation next week, heading south?
Are you coming to see me? :)

Love you buddy!

Paula Kaye said...

Not boring at all. Good to see you post!! Hope you have a fun vacation

Ann said...

No question, the plumber was the most painful. Hooray for vacation

Judy said...

How could a post be boring when written about a grand babe on the way?
Heading south? Does that mean a trip to Toledo? HAH!!!