Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas, Work Stress and Bye Bye 2016

Boy that Christmas came and went pretty fast.

On Christmas Eve we went to my brother Don's house where the food was excellent and the company even better! It was a slight sadness in the air, though, being the first Christmas without my dad.

On Christmas Day we went first to Shauna and Brad's as they were hosting Brad's family Christmas. We stayed for a hour or so and then headed over to Chris and Marissa's for dinner and visiting with Marissa's dad and family! Marissa's dad has 6 brothers and sisters so there was lots of people there!

Then on the Monday after Christmas we had all the kids over for brunch and to exchange gifts. It was fun and also wonderful to see them 3 days in a row!

Work has been particularly stressful this past few weeks. Without going into a whole lot of boring details I had to sacrifice my desk so they could renovate my area to accommodate a group of people who can't seem to get along and have to be closer to the manager so she can keep an eye on them!

So my desk went from this:

To this:

A lot less space!  That is the managers office right across from me and the lovely ladies that can't get along are at five workstations to my left.

I did move that drawer cabinet you see on the right of my chair over to the left and left it sticking out so I have a little more counter space!

All because grown women can't act like grown women!!

It's hard enough to go into work everyday and this just  makes it that much harder. Oh well. Supposedly it's only for a year and a half and then the whole department is moving off site to a facility a few miles away from the hospital. Well see! We will be moving but the way they do things there it probably won't be until after I retire!

Well, Shauna is 34 weeks along and I am getting so excited! We ordered her rocker as a gift from me and Rich and they are busy getting the nursery set up, clothes washed and everything ready!

Won't be long now!

I got the privileged of buying them their first package of diapers!

Until the next time......


Ann Thompson said...

Sounds like you had a good Christmas. Too bad about the stress at work.

Judy said...

I'm guessing most of those lovely ladies are in their 30's?

Sally said...

Yes I agree those ladies need to grow up and do what they were hired to do. That kind of disruption isn't something that yall should have to put up with

I'm glad Christmas was good! Won't be long now until you're rocking that new baby!

Paula Kaye said...

How exciting waiting for that baby!! I will never understand why grown women can't get along! Happy New Year