Thursday, January 12, 2017

Maxwell Grayson Ryken

Well, I didn't think I would be doing this post quite so early but my grandchild has been born!

Shauna had a issue with high blood pressure before she even got pregnant. She went on special medication after she got pregnant and was pretty stable until her doctors appointment last Thursday, one week ago. Her blood pressure was elevated and they sent her over to labor and delivery at the hospital to be observed for a while. After a few hours and some blood work, it was determined that she had preeclampsia, a condition in pregnancy where your blood pressure goes dangerously high.

That night they began the process of inducing labor because it was too risky for her and baby to continue the pregnancy much longer.

They started with two days of steroids to strenghten the babys lungs, and early Sunday morning they finally started giving her the drug to induce labor.

To make a long story short after laboring all day she gave birth, with no complications, to my first grandchild.

Meet Maxwell Grayson Ryken

Here he is on the scale a few minutes after he was born. He weighed 4.9 pounds! Such a little guy!

Here he is with his mama!

They told us the three criteria for him being able to go home was he had to eat good, breath good and maintain his body temperature.

He was crying like crazy as soon as he was born so, he could breath pretty good!

The next day he was eating pretty good. Shauna is trying to breast feed but he seems reluctant to latch on and he needs to eat every 3 hours so they supplement with formula. See how huge the bottle looks by his tiny head!

He did spend about 24 hours in the special care nursery so they could make sure he regulates his body temperature.

Nonnie was there every day!

On Wednesday they were able to take him home!

He seems so alert during his short wake times. He just lays there and calmly looks around.

My niece Lauren stopped by to bring them the bassinet that she took from my dad's house when he moved. It sat in the attic for many years. She redid it and gave it to them. It's the same bassinet that me and my brothers slept in!

I waited a long time for this precious little gift! I'm sure you will be hearing lots more about him in the future!

Until then.....


Paula Kaye said...

Congratulations! He is so sweet and adorable. I am so thankful that all is well!!

Ann Thompson said...

Congratulations. What a tiny little bundle of cuteness he is.

Judy said...

Eclampsia is a very scary thing!!!!!
and so is pre-eclampsia.
He is tiny, but he is mighty.
Just his name alone makes him sound mighty!
Enjoy every minute--the fun only grows much bigger, as the child grows!!


Debby said...

He's so little and adorable. Congratulations

Sally said...

I'm sorry to just be seeing this, such a wonderful and joyfull time for all of you. He is so very precious; your life is now changed in an amazing way. I'm sorry Shauna had a difficult time with the high blood pressure though. ♡◇♡

Jenny said...

What a precious little face. Congratulations and best wishes to everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog, Jeanette. God bless. xoxo

Sally said...

More pictures please!