Sunday, February 19, 2017

My Bucket List

I have a bucket list. A real bucket list , not just thoughts in my head about what I want to do before I leave this wonderful life.  A real list that I keep on my phone,

And every one of them is completely doable! A lot of them right in this state.

I thought I would share it with you all today. So here goes, in no particular order.

1) Pick a huge bouquet of wildflowers from the side of the road.
     They always looks so pretty and there is such a variety of colors.

2) Walk the Mackinaw Bridge on Labor Day.
     It's the only time you are allowed to walk that bridge. I figure that is something that I will do
     when we have a camper and can camp a few miles away from that area because as you can
     imagine it's very crowded there over Labor Day weekend!

3) Go to the Upper Peninsula in the dead of winter.
     It's pretty cold and snowy up there then but I bet the frozen waterfalls are fantastic to see!

4) Watch the sun rise on the East side of the state and set on the West side, all in the same day.
     This is something I plan on doing this summer. We would spend the night in Tawas, watch the sun      rise and then meander across the state to Grand Haven or somewhere and watch it set.

5) See the Northern Lights
     I've seen them faintly but I mean a real light show!

6) Kayak to Turnip Rock
     This would mean kayaking from Port Austin ( from the tip of the thumb) because the rock is on          private property and the only way to see it is by boat!

7) Go paddleboarding.
     That just looks really fun!

8) Snowshoeing at Tahquamenon Falls.
     That also looks fun and would be done when we make that trip to the UP in the dead of winter!

9) Visit one of the International Dark Sky Parks.
     I think the closest one is in Mackinaw City. The problem is it has to be a clear night in order for it      to be worth the trip and in Michigan......well there is no guarantees!

10) Watch the Detroit Fireworks from Belle Isle. 
       So that would involve being retired or taking a day off of work because the fireworks are always       on a week day. Also you have to get there early and spend the day because it fills up fast! But             what a view that would be!

11) Go ziplining
      I missed a great opportunity to zip line in Haiti when we were there in 2009. They had what they         claimed was the worlds longest zip line that started in the jungle and came out over the water. It           looked really fun! My son in law Brad went and said it was fantastic. Unfortunately I lost my               nerve but I wish I would have just put my big girl panties on and went, because the likelihood that      I will be back in Haiti someday is slim to none! But there are plenty of other zip lines around and I      intend on going one day!

Anyway, that's it. Oh I have loftier ones, too, like going to Italy and visiting all 50 states and seeing the most fantastic waterfall located between Argentina and Brazil (can't think of the name) but those are things that probably won't  happen. One can dream though!

What's on your Bucket List?

Until the next time.....


Ann Thompson said...

I don't have a bucket list. I should make one. The items on yours all sound like fun

Judy said...

YOU have a reasonable Bucket List!!! Which is a good thing!
When you retire--you will have time to take month long road trips to all the States. The North West is gorgeous. I like the UP in the dead of winter. The only sound is an occasional sno-mobile going from town to town on all the trails up there. Also, you might add going to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls in the winter--it is magical with the frozen formations.

Sally said...

It saddens me to say, I have no bucket list and I don't exactly know why that is!

Yours is awesome, and I hope you'll be able to do them all, even the ones you don't think you can!


Paula Kaye said...

I love the wild flowers by the side of the road. Harley, Paige, and I went on a picking trip a few years ago. I left them outside on the patio in a can though because there were so many bugs!! Such a fun bucket list! I should do this too!

Luna Crone said...

I never heard of International Dark Sky Parks!

They sound wonderful.

Being truly able to see the night sky, is one of the things, I would love to be able to do. People who have been able to do so, say it is amazing.

Luna Crone