Saturday, March 4, 2017

Working On The House

Well, we've been trying to fix up this house a little bit with the thought of selling in a year or so and buying a much smaller place.

A few weeks ago we tore up all the ugly, worn carpeting in the living room and dining room. We took our time, tearing up a strip, rolling it up and taping it. Then we pulled about a million staples from the floor. We took two days to do it so it wasn't too hard.

Last we we hired someone to come in and paint the walls in the living room, dining room, front hallway and foyer, stairway, and upstairs hallway.  Well worth every penny because that is a lot of painting! What would have taken us  week they did in one day!

Anyway, here's some pictures.s


And after:

The walls were a off white and now they are Escape Grey by Sherwin Williams, which to me looks more like a greenish gray. Anyway, I love the way it looks now.

We are planning to be install a laminate floor ourselves. It looks fairly easy and we will be doing that after we come back from a vacation we are planning to take in a few weeks. More about that later!

In other exciting news, we got to babysit sweet Maxwell last night while Shauna and Brad went to dinner and a movie.

Our first time babysitting and I loved every minute of it!

This sweet boy is going to be 2 months old next Wednesday!

Until the next time.....


Paula Kaye said...

Adorable baby! Aren't they so much fun. I'm curious to know about how much it cost your to have the rooms painted. I may do that too. Painting is not one of my favorite things to do! Yours looks wonderful!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Hello from Idaho and found your blog though Judy.
I couldn't imagine even get this place ready to sell and even let lone move. I believe the first thing I would do get rid of stuff. Got way to much.
I assume he your grandchild. Hope you enjoy babysitting.
When you fine the time stop in for a cup of coffee.

Ann said...

Looks good. I like the new paint color. My husband and I installed laminate flooring ourselves several years ago. It really is fairly easy to do.

Sally said...

awwww look at that sweet little Maxwell! He's adorable, buddy. I know you enjoyed every single minute. :)

Your house; I love the new paint, it looks awesome.


Judy said...

I really like the new paint color.
Your wood floors look in pretty good shape. Could you just sand and refinish them instead of installing new ones?
You keep doing all these lovely things and you won't want to sell the place. :-)

Debby said...

Your paint job looks great. We started last year, painting the interior of our home. We still aren't done. But we're old and slow- it will get done, or we will die trying. This year we are trying to get our landscaping done but still raining alot. Oh well. We plan to stay in our home- just want to get it fixed up, before my husband retires in 5 years. Then we'll plop and do nothing.