Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cross Stitch

Back in the day I used to love to cross stitch and did a lot of it!

Most of the stuff I made I have given to people for gifts and such, but there are a few things I still have and also a few I that I made for my parents and took from my dad's house when we moved him out.

 This was one of the first things I made.  My SIL helped me frame it. My mom loved it but I could see a few mistakes in it and I wanted to fix them but she wouldn't let me touch it!

This one my mom actually bought the kit and asked me to make it for her. Then my dad made the frame for it. It hung in their dining room for 27 years!

This one is one of my favorites because the dove is beaded and it was a lot of fun to make.

This one I made for Rich when we were married for 10 years. So long ago!!

This one actually was made by my mother-in-law. Then my sister in law framed it and gave it to me after she passed away. I love it especially because she never finished the bottom of the rose stem!

Then I got bored with it and moved on to other things.

About 20 years ago I designed a pattern of my mother in laws favorite poem.

God has not promised
Skys always blue
Flower strewn pathways
All our lives through

God has not promised
Sun without rain
Joy without sorrow
Peace without pain

But God has promised
Strength for the day
Rest for the labor
Light for the way

Grace for the trials
Help from above
Unfailing sympathy
Undying love

I was going to make it for her and give it to her to hang in her room in the nursing home.

Well, you see how far I got......

But I still have it and maybe some day when I have more leisure time I may finished it.

In case you couldn't tell from the anniversary cross stitch picture, Rich and I are coming up on our 40th wedding anniversary. We are planning a little trip out west. I'll tell you all about it the next time!

Until then......


Sally said...

I didn't know you had that talent, buddy. They are all beautiful, and great treasures now. I still have the beautiful bookmark you sent me; I have it on a glass shelf in my buffet. I was afraid if I didn't put it away, one of the kids would do something with it, i.e. like the time Ry put all my postage stamps on a piece of paper; she thought they were stickers. LOL

Enjoy your time with precious little Maxwell, before you know it he'll be a stinker like mine are. :)


Ann Thompson said...

Those are all really nice. I tried cross stitch but I never knew how to finish the projects off and the I lost patience for all those little sitches

Judy said...

Have you cross stitch a birth announcement for Maxwell? They have some cute, quick ones at Mary Maxim or Herreschners. When I worked, I used to cross stitch at lunch hour. It always seems to relax me, but I know other people that say, cross stitch makes them nervous. Hm-mm. Your pieces are beautiful!!!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love the one about being thankful :)

Pam Jackson said...

Great job. I started cross stitching in my mid twenties but gave it up about 15 yrs ago for my painting and photography but have recently picked it back up. Like you, I gave most of my stuff away as gifts. Keep on stitching and enjoy.

Paula Kaye said...

Happy Anniversary. 40 years is something in this day and age!! Loved all the pictures!

Agnes CF Lee said...

I enjoyed cross stitch too..but I have got the time to do it ever since my 2 little ones came along and now my eye sights are not as good as before.