Saturday, March 25, 2017

40th Anniversary Trip part 1

I have been off of work since last Friday so Rich and I could take a anniversary trip.

We decided to spend a few days in Laughlin, Nevada.

First on Friday we flew into Las Vegas arriving at about 5:30. I hate to fly so I was a little anxious. I hadn't flown since 2009. Anyway, it was almost a 4 hour flight made a little easier because we had screens on the seat in front of us.

Rich watched our flight:

I watched Gone with The Wind

When the plane was almost landed it suddenly took off again! The pilot came on the intercom and said there was an issue on the runway and we had to circle the airport.

I was glad to get on the ground!

 We grabbed our rental car and headed to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino where spent the first night. Beautiful room and grounds but huge so we did a lot of walking around.

It's kind of hard to tell from this picture but this was a two story wine tower. This picture is taken from the second floor. When someone orders a bottle of wine the bartender hooks to a harness and get carried up to retrieve the bottle! 
If you look close you can see the harness wires on either side of the tower. 

We didn't get to see anyone do that unfortunately! 


We only stayed one night in Las Vegas but I was happy to catch a beautiful sunrise over the mountains the next morning.

That day, the 18th , was our 40th anniversary.

We had time for breakfast and to take a picture before we headed out of  Las Vegas.

Next: Hoover Dam and Laughlin Nevada


Sally said...

I'm so very glad you're letting us in on your 40th anniversary trip, buddy.

About the plane, I'd have been watching GWTW also. :)

I haven't flown in many years and only twice. New York, and L.A. Both were business trips and I had no interest in ever going back to either one. LOL]


Paula Kaye said...

Happy 40th Anniversary. That is quite an accomplishment!!

Ann said...

Happy Anniversary. 40 years is quite a milestone

Agnes CF Lee said...

Happy anniversary to both of you. Looks like it is an exciting trip ahead.

Debby said...

Happy Anniversary.