Saturday, April 1, 2017

Aniversary Trip Part 3-Cousin time and Oatman AZ

I have a cousin who has lived in Arizona for the last 30 years. She actually is my dad's first cousin so my first cousin once removed or something like that.

Anyway, when my dad passed away she flew in for his funeral. It was the first time I had seen her since she moved! In fact,  I had completely lost touch with her until we reconnected by the miracle called Facebook!

When we planned this trip, we knew we would only be about 4 hours from Phoenix so I messaged her to see if she wanted to meet us somewhere half way between Laughlin NV and Phoenix AZ and she did us one better. Her and her son drove to Laughlin and spent the day with us before heading on to Las Vegas.

It was sure great to see her again!

The next day we drove about 45 minutes to Oatman, AZ.

Oatman is a abandoned government controlled  gold mining town on old Route 66 that was shut down when the government needed other metals for the WWII. When the miners left town they left their burros and they have been wild there ever since,  That is the attraction to that town. When we first got there there was not a burro to be seen, though!

Another attraction is the Oatman Hotel and Bar,  Here is the reason why:

Everyone who visits signs a dollar bill and staples it on the wall! The whole place is coated with them! I don't know how thick they are but there must be thousands of them!

Here is the one we left with the pink lettering. We put it in a particular spot so my brother and sister-in-law can find it when they go there at the end of May!

There was a small gun-fight show in the street while we were there so we watched that, walked around a little, bought a few souviniers and then decided to head back to Laughlin! It was hot and crowded and there were no burros anyway!

Until we started driving out of town and look who was headed down the street!

So we pulled over for some pictures!

They were looking for food and walked away if you didn't immediately offer any!

The were so cute!

There was probably 10 or 12 of them!

So we got to see the burros after all!

Next time: Primm Nevada and bullet-ridden car.


Ann said...

Sounds like a great time. That place with all the dollar bills stapled to the walls is pretty cool. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to steal the bills off the walls

Sally said...

How nice of your cousin to meet you there. I'm not sure I have one that would do that. LOL

That's so cool that you left the dollar (in pink) where your bro can find it. I have to say; never been anywhere to see a place like that. A lot of business's will have the first "paper money" on display from their first sale. :)

I'm glad you were able to see the burro's and to take pics. xoxo

Debby said...

What a nice trip and a cousin who really goes out of their way to meet up with you. I have to wonder about that place with all the one dollar bills - has it ever been robbed?

Paula Kaye said...

There are some things good that come about because of Facebook!!

Donna said...

Well Darn! We were just in Chandler AZ in March!! Wish I'd known about this eating place! Would have been neat to see!
Glad you got to meet up with your cousin!

wenn said...

hi Jeannette, I will be in for a US trip in Aug..visiting LV, LA and SF.