Sunday, January 9, 2011


It's been a pretty quiet weekend. I'm feeling uninspired to do much of anything right now for some reason. The house could use cleaning and I got lots of new jewelry making stuff for Christmas, but I don't feel like doing anything! I think I have a bad case of winter doldrums!

We did go to dinner with the kids last night for our birthdays. Rich's was last Tuesday and mine is this Wednesday. It's always nice to see them and we had a good time. These were my gifts:

They know that I love anything cat related!!

I went shopping at a new Goodwill store on Saturday. I bought this necklace for $1.

I was going to take it apart and use the little charms for something else, but it's kind of cute like it is so I'll keep it for now!

Today we had cabin fever so we decided to take a little drive. Saw these reindeer along the road

I think it was Santa's reindeer because Rudolph was right in the front!

It was a nice drive...the sun was shining pretty good but it's been cold..below freezing. The sun does look pretty shining on the snow, though!

Earlier today in the bedroom Zoe was laying on the bed. When I pointed the camera at her to take her picture this is what she did

Jumped down and stuck her head in the corner by the night stand! I think my cats are getting tired of me sticking the camera in their faces!!

I'm off work tomorrow to take care of some business and go to the dentist. I may get a little ambition and clean the house, too!

I can't wait for spring!!


Brenda said...

70 more days till Spring and every day there is just a tiny bit more daylight time. Happy Birthday to come young lady!!

Sally said...

Love your birthday gifts, how sweet!! We don't have the kind of weather you have (DUH!) but I'm not real inspired lately either.

That necklace is pretty, girl. I love that you shop at Goodwill, and I must say that your kitty and I are probably related; I HATE having my picture taken and run & hide when someone takes their camera out.

Happy Birthday early, Jeanette, my sweet buddy!! :)

Donna said...

Those reindeer are funny! LOL, and I got a kick out of your kitty's protest!

Grandma K said...

Good Will just opened a store close by - I am really excited. I haven't gone yet because I don't want to buy anything because I really don't know where I would put it, but it is calling - ever calling. I love your necklace! Especially for the price.

Donna said...

I Am SOOOO ready for Summer!! NO Spring...just Summer!Hahaa
Love Zoe!!Hahaa

Donna said...

PS- Oh, And hopefully I'll remember to get myself back over here on Wed but if not...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET FRIEND!!

Kim, USA said...

Advance Happy Birthday! Love your gift and I love what you find at Goodwill. Keep warm and be safe. Thanks for the visit!
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