Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend

It's Monday and it's been a busy but great weekend.

Saturday morning Marie and I took our usual walk and then had breakfast. We stopped at a garage sale at a school and I bought the pretty candle garden pictured on the previous post. It's in perfect condition, the candles were never burned and it was only $3.00. I love garage sale finds like that!

After I dropped Marie off I went to Meijer to buy flowers and stuff. I had a gift card (Thanks, Judy!) and I used the whole thing plus 16 cents. then i went back to do some grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping so I needed to get it over with. Then we pretty much spent the rest of the day cleaning up outside.

Sunday I planted wave petunias in the barrels, a peony in the back flower garden and a clematis and some geraniums in the front of the house. I love the clematis, it's so pretty. It's got a good Southern exposure so I hope it grows OK. Time will tell.

Today I did laundry and cleaned closets upstairs. I have three bags of stuff for goodwill. Man, we've got a lot of stuff! I got our summer clothes out and put winter sweaters and sweatshirts away. I cleaned out the linen closet and the medicine chest and threw a bunch of crap away. It was a lot of work but it looks really nice. It was nice to work with the windows open and the birds singing. Gotta love Spring!

Later we drove to Kensington Park and I stuck my feet in some very cold water!

We walked around the beach, walked through the animal farm and then went out to dinner. Now its time to crash for the rest of the night!

Its been a busy but fun weekend.

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