Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ranting and Perinnial Annuals

We had a nice weekend up at Tom and Judy's. Got stuck in severe thunder storms with hail twice! Went for a walk Sunday morning and saw a few deer. I saw one that was laying in the ferns growing along the side of the road. I would not have known she was there it she hadn't stuck her head up! Of course, I did not have my camera with me. Just my cell phone but the picture did not come out very good.

This time of year every morning when I am on my way to work I wish I could stay home and just enjoy the beautiful morning. Drink my coffee on the patio and just relax instead of rush to get ready and out the door. Oh well. I would need to be rich enough to never worry about a medical bill again, which is not too likely to happen in the near future! At least I have a job that is fairly tolerable.

Rich hurt his wrist at work and after waiting a few months with it not getting any better, he finally went to the doctor. They took a x-ray of course. Now it is 8 days later and he has yet to hear anything from the doctor's office about the results of his x-ray. I like my doctor but it's frustrating when they take their sweet time with results!

It's been raining every day here for a week practically. And it's warm too so it's humid. One good thing (see I can say something good!) is the plants and flowers are growing like crazy. We have this barrel in the front of the house that we planted a bush in a few years ago. Last summer I planted petunias around the bottom of the bush. It looked pretty. Over the winter for some reason the bush died. I don't know why.. maybe it got too big for the barrel. Anyway, we were going to take the barrel apart and trash it because its not in that great of shape. Well, for some reason the petunias that I planted last year decided to grow all by themselves this year! See? I did not plant those! Anyway, the crappy barrel stays up at least for the summer!

Well, that's it for now. Looking forward to the weekend, even though they are predicting a rainy one!


Junebug said...

Our internet has been on and off these last few weeks. When I want to post something it's off and then I forget. We are having more rain right now. But things are definitely growing. I had a painted daisy come up after several years of not being there this year. Just popped up in my flower bed.

Donna said...

LOL, that's not a crappy barrel! It's a primitive artifact (at least that's what you can tell people)! I have a sweet fondness for petunias, and purple ones are the prettiest, IMHO.

Your durn doctor ought to get with the program and have digital x-rays. Results are printed out in mere seconds and the doctor can read it right away.

dabrah said...

Isn't nature amazing? Any chance it gets to put down roots, and a plant will grow.