Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Estate Sales

I went to two awesome estate sales this weekend.

If I had been a collector of salt and pepper shakers, the first one I went to would have been heaven on earth! There must have been 2000 salt and pepper sets! I walked through the whole house and all I managed to buy was this:

It is a marble paper weight. I don't need it but it caught my eye. It was only $1 so I figured it was worth dusting occasionally!!

The second estate sale was in a old farm house. The owner was a teacher and was really into art and antiques. There was probably a lot of good bargains there. I don't really have a eye for antiques or a creative eye but for someone who does, it was a paradise. I ended up buying a salt and pepper mill (new in the package) and a gift-wrap organizer (also new in the package). I don't buy a lot of stuff but I love walking through estate sales.

The long weekend was a good one. The weather was absolutely beautiful.

Friday Don and Linda had a catfish fry. We tried to pop popcorn with cell phones but it didn't work. Good thing. The food was delicious and it was a fun time.

On Saturday, Marie and I walked as usual and this time her sister, Linda, joined us. It was nice to actually meet one of her sisters. We've been friends for many years and this is the first time I have met any of her siblings. Anyway, they look alike.

On Sunday we worked in the yard. I really don't like working outside on the yard, but it always looks nice when we are done. After dinner we went to walk in a local park by the Huron River.

It was a nice walk but we were pretty tired and we were ready to veg out after having a nice long weekend.

Yesterday (Monday) I hooked up our new Wii game and we bowled and golfed and played tennis and baseball. It was pretty fun and exercise too. Now if I can only find that Wii Fit.


Brenda said...

I love estate sales too but it's been forever since I've been to one.
I'm so glad you had a great weekend!

Laura said...

You say you are a collector of salt and pepper shakers? That is good to know. I may have some for you if you want them. Two Italian chefs and some pilgrims. It's so good to visit and I'm sorry I haven't kept up very well.