Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh Ice Cream, you are my downfall!

Every day this week I have walked approximately 1/4 mile to work from my car, up 5 flights (or approximately 92 steps, I think, I lost count when I stopped being able to breath!) of stairs, and then 1/4 mile back to my car at the end of the day. Plus Rich and I took a couple evening walks after dinner. I figured if I must keep eating ice cream a few times a week (and I do!) then I better make sure I get plenty of exercise in!

Looking forward to the long weekend. We don't have anything in particular planned. Chris and Marissa are going to Charlevoix for the weekend. We could go and stay there for a night but seeing as we are going to Las Vegas next week we should probably just save our traveling for then. Or we could go walk around the State Fair but I'm mad that they sell tickets for some of the concerts when they used to be free! But still, I like to walk around and see the animals. And people watch. I could people watch all day long, especially when I have my dark sunglasses on and they can't see me looking at them!

Everything in my garden is so dry. We haven't had any significant rain here in quite a few weeks. My clematis is still doing good, though. I am surprised and pleased at how well it's done since I planted it. I was under the impression that they take several years to get established, but this little pretty was popping out blooms right from the get go!! It gets a good Southern exposure so that must be just what it needs.

Let's see...what else. Kitties are all doing good. Max was a little under the weather for a day or two so it he wasn't picking on anyone, but he's back to his usual stinker self now!

Well, going to dinner tonight with Shauna and Brad to celebrate his birthday.


Hey, maybe I'll get some fried ice cream!


Sally said...

Oh, I'm SO glad to not be "into" ice cream lately, but doggone it I am loving peach frozen yogurt!! I know it's more healthy, but not if I sit down and eat a quart. hahaha

Here's what I do: get a little in the bowl. Then, I think "well that wasn't much" so I get some more. And, on & on. I just can't help myself!! :)

Hope you have a nice long weekend! Your flowers are very pretty. :)

Brenda said...

Now I'm wanting ice cream! Hope your weekend is a good one!

Junebug said...

Hi there, Jeanette,
I like ice cream but my downfall is snacks. I'm at home all day and I walk through the kitchen and am tempted to eat something. Good for you for walking so much. I used to park as close to everywhere I could but I am rethinking that attitude. Have fun in Las Vegas, I've never been there.