Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brendas Photo Challenge..Things With Wings

Thanks to Shannon at Paint Mine Pink for hosting this Brenda Photo Challenge.

I'm heading out of town tomorrow morning and will catch up with you guys on Monday!
In the meantime, enjoy!

These guys were just hanging around in my backyard..just kidding. This was taken at the Detroit Zoo last year. I LOVE their bright colors!

Very large plane flying low over the local park!

This was given to me by a very special friend of mine. It's one of my favorite things!


Brenda said...

Those are great winged things! Wouldn't it be so lovely to live where such bright critters lived in the back yard?

Safe travels!

Donna said...

Great assortment of subjects! Love the colors on those parrots.

Maria said...

Hallo Jeanette, you have some lovely things with wings here on your blog! I love the parrots with their broght colours best.
Thanks you!

Donna said...

Wonderful photos Sweetie!! Love the birds!! Have fun!hughugs

The Hallman Tribe said...

such a smart lady...........using the plane photo. i didn't even think of that!!! CLEVER GIRL! I love the bird photo too.......they are beauties.

jazzi said...

Airplanes! I didn't even think of airplanes, and I was at an airport all evening! Geez.
I love the Willow Tree angels! I have a collection. Didn't think of those, either! Nice shots!

Karen M said...

Wonderful capture of the theme. I love them all. I start to say which one is my fav and then change my mind. Can they all be by favorites?

Sally said...

Hope you're having a good time; love the pictures - did I say that already? hahaha

Sharon Ellery said...

Love your little statue. She looks very special. Great shots.