Monday, December 1, 2008

Quick Weekend

Man, that was the fastest four days in history! I can't believe it's already Monday.

Thanksgiving was very nice at my brother's house. We had home-made ravioli which is a tradition for us on Thanksgiving. So between that and the turkey and stuff and dessert, I was way too full and uncomfortable all night! But it was nice to see everyone, as usual. I felt bad for my daughter, Shauna because she had a migraine and did not feel good. She ended up leaving early. She made a really good sweet potato casserole, though.

Friday I spent the day trying to clean up the mess a little so I could do some Christmas decorating. No shopping for me! I hate the crowds and people are crazy!! Can you believe that Wal Mart in New York?

Saturday morning I took Marie to breakfast for her birthday at Wolfgang Puck in the MGM Grand casino. They have the best pancakes I have ever tasted! They we played video poker for a while. She ended up being up $35 so we cashed out and left! Got the tree put up in the family room.

Sunday I went grocery shopping and finally got the tree decorated.

Today I am back at work and hoping they show up to do some more work on the kitchen. The counter top is not ready yet but they can put the bathroom back together at least. It's funny how spoiled we get. Having to go up or down stairs to use the bathroom is getting old! Anyway, I am anxious for it to be done, especially because we are having 20 people over for Christmas Eve!

That's all for now. I plan on putting up Mom's village to night. I also am determined to walk on the treadmill every day in December! Ha!


Brenda said...

BE U Tiful header! I'm sorry your holiday weekend didn't seem longer but you sure got a lot done. Hope you have a great week!

Shauna said...

Ohhh pretty Christmas tree!

Junebug said...

Beautiful photo, Jeanette. We had 14 for dinner at my house on Thanksgiving. It turned out great. I still don't have my tree up. I have lots of paper work to do in my office.

Sally said...

I know you'll be SO happy to have all that work finished. You're taking it better than I would, though.

Is that your tree? So pretty!!!

Laura said...

What a cozy looking scene in your header pic! Makes me want to have some hot chocolate and watch The Grinch.