Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hump Day

It's the hottest day we've had so far this summer. 92 degrees and very humid! But the sun is shining brilliantly and there's no snow on the ground! Works for me!!

Here's my clematis:

This is all of the flowers on the one remaining stem. They sure look pretty and the whole plant would have been awesome if the other three stems would have survived. When they died they all had buds on them. I think this is the last of the flowers for this year. Hopefully, next year we won't have the same problem.

Here's our house from across the street.

I probably should have planted more flowers this year but I like the clean, simple look. We ripped out 5 bushes that were in front of the window. It looks much neater and the kitties can see the birds better!

That's the real reason we did it ;)


Max says the best way to stay cool is to stretch out on the cool slate of the fireplace hearth!


Sally said...

Max has the right idea! So cute. Love your house; very pretty!!

Happy Hump Day!! Have you found out yet whether you will be able to go to 4 day/week?

Jeanette said...

Sally-There hasn't been any decisions yet but if I do go to 4 day weeks, it won't be until the fall, anyway. I just keep chugging along!

Brenda said...

Beautiful home! The kitty has the right idea.

joan said...

I'm with you I'd much rather have hot weather then snow and cold. Hope you are staying cool. Kitty looks so cute.

Donna said...

I'll take hot over freezing Any day!! Lovin' Max!! Cool Cat!hughugs

Sally said...

Hump Day again tomorrow. YAY!!