Sunday, July 5, 2009


We decided to go up north this weekend after all. We left on Friday at about 10:00 in the morning, thinking and hoping that we would beat the crowd on the freeway.

No such luck.

We kept running into pockets of traffic jams. A normally 3-1/2 hour drive took about 5 hours!

Chris and Marissa were staying in her grandparents house, in Charlevoix on top of a big hill.

The view was awesome. If you look closely, you can see Lake Charlevoix in the distance.

Apparently grandma is a bit of a hoarder. There was a TON of stuff in the house, covering every horizontal surface and lots of antique furniture! I could have explored the house for hours looking at all of the treasures. This was sitting on top of the dresser in the bedroom we stayed in.

And does anyone remember these things?

This mirror was pretty cool. I have never seen one with the lights attached like that!

Underneath the mirror was a small crib stuffed with blankets and quilts and pillows and this doll.

I'm sure glad I didn't notice her until the next morning!

This was the bottom of a very old cabinet. I believe it was used to store records. Inside was miscellaneous papers, including directions to Lincoln Logs and a newspaper article from February 3, 1932.

Of course, there were some newer things like this Kleenex holder in the bathroom.

And this painted rock, that I liked so much I wish it was in my garden right this minute!


Sally said...

Wow!! So glad you had a good time, and goodness what a pretty place. Yeah, that doll looks REAL!! :)

Will be gone a few days, see you when I get back!! ((hugs))

Brenda said...

What an awesome treasure trove you stayed in. I hope you were able to relax and that the drive home wasn't as stressful.

Donna said...

What a NEAT Place!!!! What treasures!hughugs

judemiller1 said...

i love houses like that--some would say messy and junky, but...they are so much fun to explore. Did you get up into the attic--that's a good place to find treasures.