Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back At It

Well, it took approximately one and a half days at work to make me feel like I never took a vacation!

Our poor old lady kitty is driving us crazy every night to go outside into the backyard. Then we have to constantly check on her because a few times she has wandered out of the gate and headed toward the street. She's blind and I really don't want to let her outside at all, but she cries so insistently at the door wall she drives us crazy so we relent. Anyway, a few nights ago I thought I would pen her in to a certain area of the yard with chairs and stuff. She wandered and wandered in circles. I felt so bad that we just let her out. So we spend every night letting her outside, checking on her every 30 seconds, carrying her back in when we get sick of checking on her, and then letting her outside again when her insistent meowing drives us crazy!!

The weather is cooling off a little now and the humidity is going away. I hate when it's so humid; it's so uncomfortable, but I also hate to see summer ending. I would rather have hot and humid than cold and snowing any day!

Rich and I want to go see the movie District 9 this weekend. I usually don't care for that kind of movie, but it looks really good and it's getting good reviews.

Well that all the excitement in my life right now.

Look how many flowers my hibiscus has!


Sally said...

Oh, poor kitty. That just sounds downright sad. :(

LOVE your hibiscus; I don't think I've ever seen a white one. Very pretty!!

Well, today was hump day, so that should make you feel better about going back to work. Hope you enjoy the movie!! :)

beyondpanic said...

That hibiscus is GORGEOUS!

Sue said...

It's a good thing you didn't move 200 miles further north-LOTSA SNOW in the winter!!! Tons of it. Though, you guys did get nailed last winter pretty good, didn't you? Anyhoooooo, sorry your kitty is driving you nuts. Hopefully you'll find out what will make her content!

Donna said...

We have a doggie door for our old Corky...but even Then, I'm still having to carry him out...he can't find the

dabrah said...

Why is your cat acting like that? Is it just because of the heat? Poor thing, it sounds pretty distressed, but by now you must be feeling even more distressed. I like summer too, especially the long days. I'm seriously impressed by your hibiscus. They're so pretty.

Brenda said...

I'm so sorry about kitty, I know how it hurts your heart.

I've been sitting here wondering where summer went, August is almost over. sigh.

Sally said...

I hope Kitty is doing better, and that you have a good week, Jeanette! ((hugs))

Life is good! said...

love love love hibiscus, but that's where our similarity ends my dear because i will take cold and snowy over hot and humid any old day! hope you enjoy the last few of them! actually my fav. is fall! before the snow flys