Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday How I Love Thee

Sweet's always so nice when you get here!

Every morning this week there has been the most spectacular sunrises behind me as I am driving to work. Every day I have been meaning to bring my camera and try to get a couple of shots and this morning I finally remembered.


So pretty that I almost get in a accident looking at it in my side view mirror (Just kidding, Rich, please don't drive me to work every day!) I pulled into a parking lot to get the above shot.

We have nothing definite planned this weekend. May take a little day trip to Grand Haven or South Haven, on the west side of the state to scan the huge beaches with our metal detector. But then it may rain tomorrow so maybe we won't go cuz it's really hard to sift wet sand! And that's my job; Rich does the detecting and I do the sifting, that way I get first dibs on whatever we find! I'm waiting to find that big diamond ring!!

We had our carpets cleaned yesterday. They look much nicer but they are old and we are seriously considering ripping them all up come spring time. I suspect there may be hardwood floors under the carpeting upstairs. That would be so nice. With all these cats we really don't need carpeting to keep clean.


Brenda said...

Happy Hunting! James loaned someone our metal detector. I hope he remembers who.

Donna said...

Hope the weekend was fun!!hughugs

Tes said...

I like the smell of newly cleaned carpets! :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

That is a gorgeous sunrise!